Projects Using libESMTP

libESMTP has been around for some time and, as well as being part of many Linux distributions, it has been adopted by a number of projects. Some of those are listed below. libESMTP is also available in FreeBSD Ports.


Balsa, a highly configurable email client for Gnome was an early adopter of libESMTP and its primary author contributed to libESMTP’s development.

Apache Log4cxx

Log4cxx uses libESMTP since version 0.10. Apache Log4cxx is a C++ port of Apache Log4j.


Sagan is a log analysis engine. It was designed with a Security Operations Center (SOC) in mind.


esmtp is a fully sendmail command line compatible Mail Submission Agent.

Although the original project hosted at Sourceforge is now unmaintained, it is maintained in various distributions, for instance Debian.


libESMTP is available as part of the OpenWrt project’s Libraries.


Linknx is a service aimed at interacting with KNX home automation devices.


The notify_email plugin of collectd uses libESMTP.


The afsmtp module of syslog-ng uses libESMTP.


Net::ESMTP wraps libESMTP for Perl.

libESMTP for Vicare

libESMTP for Vicare wraps libESMTP for Vicare Scheme.

Please leave a comment on issue #2 if your project uses libESMTP, preferably with a link to the project web site. It’s always good to know that this work is useful to the community.