libESMTP’s primary author is Brian Stafford <brian·stafford60﹫gmail·com>.

Support for verifying X.509 certificates was contributed by Pawel Salek.


Over time, particularly in libESMTP’s early development, many have reported and contributed bug-fixes for which I am grateful. Some are listed below; apologies to any who have been missed.

  • Bas ten Berge <sam·ten·berge﹫hccnet·nl>

  • Chris Richards <Chris·Richards﹫red-m·com>

  • Colin Phipps

  • Dmitry Maksyoma <dmaks﹫esphion·com>

  • Heikki Lindholm <heikki·lindholm﹫ipnetworks·fi>

  • Matthias Andree <matthias·andree﹫gmx·de>

  • Pawel Salek <pawsa﹫theochem·kth·se>

  • Ronald F. Guilmette

  • Thomas Deselaers <deselaers﹫gmail·com>