libESMTP is officially hosted at

Do not use copies of libESMTP obtained elsewhere. I do not endorse other repositories which may contain copies or modifications to libESMTP.


The libesmtp-1.0.6 and earlier tarballs are widely distributed, however, being a decade or more old they all contain defunct links. I have no idea how widespread these are or whether they have been modified. It is impossible for me to verify their authenticity, without expending some effort, and I am not prepared to do so or to discuss the matter.

All users are strongly encouraged to discard any tarballs in favour of the GitHub repository.

Old Websites

The old libESMTP websites at and are gone permanently. now belongs to a namesake.

Other than for libESMTP, I had no further use for the domain. Since the web and email hosting fees were a couple of hundred pounds annually and paid for at my own expense for no particular benefit, I cancelled the service.


Bug-fixes or other enhancements that have been made against the v1.0.6 tarball, or other repositories, should be resubmitted as pull requests to

libESMTP 1.0.6 may be found on the libesmtp-1.0.6 branch, however please also read the errata.

See also the Reporting Bugs guidelines.


Post libESMTP v1.0.6 the autotools build system is removed and replaced with Meson. I have made my feelings on autotools known elsewhere on several occasions. This decision is non-negotiable, the autotools build is just too difficult to maintain.